Project > Library of Shandong University of Technology


Location Zibo, Shandong Province
Floor Area 35,479m2
Design Time 2005
Completion Time 2007


2013 National Best Project Design Industry Award Third Prize
2013 China Architecture Design Award Architectural Design Golden Prize
2012 Beijing Best Project Design Award Second Prize

Library of Shandong University of Technology

Anchoring on the south end of the campus’ main axes, the fan-shaped library received its form by the elliptical road ring a semicircular artificial lake. The step form profile is a solution to introduce natural light into the small plaza on the side of the lake. The openness of inner streets and several reading spaces reflects the modern library’s advantage in communicating and functional flexibility. Backing on the north and suspending on the south, the massing intensifies the motion of the profile as well as satisfies requirements of natural lighting. Orderly arrayed vertical sunshades compose a rhythmical texture on south facade.
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