Project > CSEC Office Building


Location Dongcheng District, Beijing
Floor Area 53,133㎡
Design Time 2006
Completion Time 2010

CSEC Office Building

CSEC Office Building is located at the north side of northern 2nd ring. As a reconstruction project, the limitation of site area and building height are the main difficulties for design decision. Instead of demolishing the old building and resetting a new one, the architects suggested that the adjacent high building should also be included into the renewal scheme. Thus, the working spaces can be improved and largely expanded while the various disaccorded buildings are integrated into a unified and meaningful urban interface. The new-added volume develops along the 2nd ring road, twisting and extruding, as the visual focus of the project and connects the new and old organically. The 45 degree angle gridding curtain wall, which acts as the main envelope, endows the building a particular appearance. 
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