Project > National Power Network Control Center


Location Xicheng District, Beijing
Floor Area 50,400m2
Design Time 1997
Completion Time 1999


2000 Best Design Awards to Subsidiaries of the Ministry of Construction Third Prize
2002 National Quality Awards Sliver Prize
2002 Beijing Best Project Design Awards Second Prize

National Power Network Control Center

The architectural style of theNationalPowerNetworkControlCentertakes both the traditions and modern features into account. Employing simple and smooth expressions, the center basically conforms to the vertical three-section principle of the classic beauty of forms. The simple building units intersect to shape the architectural form. The overall statuary texture and particularly the three-storey high colonnade help deliver the solemn characters. The simple but elegant color of facades, clear double glazing, composite aluminum panel and stone finish present the characteristics of an office building.

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