Project > Plot G of the Inside-out


Location Haidian District, Beijing
Floor Area 108,841m2
Design Time 2008
Completion Time 2010


2013 China Architectural Design Award Architectural Design Silver Prize
2013 National Best Project Industry Award Third Prize
2012 Beijing Best Project Design Award First Prize

Plot G of the Inside-out

To accommodate more t office spaces in the limited site and maintain amenities of the whole business park, the layout of Plot G employs a perimetric pattern that larger buildings with deep plan and more functional flexibility are settled along the streets and six individual modules anchor the central area of the business park. In this way, the colorful and multiple volumetric expressions activate the inward courtyard. As counterpoints for the vivid and dramatic modules, the perimeter buildings emphasize their publicity and relatively large scale with granite panels and floor-to-ceiling windows.

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