Project > Office Building of China Academy Urban Planning & Design


Location Haidian District, Beijing
Floor Area 14,085m2
Design Time 2002
Completion Time 2002


2003 Best Design Award of the Ministry of Construction Third Prize
2004 Architectural Society of China Creative Architecture Awards Merit Work
2004 Beijing Best Project Design Awards First Prize

Office Building of China Academy Urban Planning & Design

This design realizes a large floor area by using an L-shaped plan in the limited site. Both the elevator and ancillary rooms are located in the southwest corner to meet the requirement of large open office. In the design of the facade, glass curtain wall is used in the ground floor. Standard windows, half size of the floor height and pillar distance, are used for the standard floors. The wall of staircase inclines slightly to the front to form an animate image. The color of black, white and gray indicate the entanglement of reason and passion in user’s work. 

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