Project > Weihai Hi-Museum


Location Weihai, Shandong Province
Floor Area 26,190m2
Design Time 2006
Completion Time 2010


2013 National Best Project Design Industry Award Second Prize
2011 Architectural Society of China Creative Architecture Award Merit Work
2011 Beijing Best Project Design Award Second Prize

Weihai Hi-Museum

A passive ecological building employing the prevailing wind of summer and winter to adjust indoor environment, the Hi-Museum is a hybrid of offices, apartments, retail shops and art gallery. By changing its openness, a set of wind paths could improve the environment quality and switch the indoor and outdoor spaces immediately. They also act as particular public spaces and frame views of the gulf. With the red pitched roof and white fa?ades, Hi-Museum recalls the unique appearance of vernacular architecture, and dialogs with the urban context by its fa?ade scale deriving from the surrounding housing buildings.

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