Project > Erdos Dongsheng Sports Stadium


Location Erdos, Inner Mongolia
Floor Area 100,451㎡
Design Time 2008
Completion Time 2011
Height 129m
Seats 35,000


2013 National Best Project Design Industry Award Second Prize
2011 Architectural Society of China Structural Best Design Award First Prize
2012 Beijing Best Project Design Award First Prize

Erdos Dongsheng Sports Stadium

As the main part of Dongsheng Sports Center, the stadium creates a signature identity with its 129m high huge steel arch, which is the kernel of the structure and a metaphor of Mongolia bow. Cooperated with the concise bow-shape stadium, it dramatically intensifies the strength of structure. The 10,000m2 collapsible roof with PTFE membrane makes it the largest one in China with collapsible roof. A few irregular holes perforating the GRC panels wrapped fa?ade. Duplicated in a seemly-random way, the 32-panel-units create abundant effects with the change of light and shadow. 
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