Project > Jixi Museum


Location Jixi, Anhui
Floor Area 10,003m2
Design Time 2009
Completion Time 2013


2014 WAACA City Generation Award
2015 National Best Project Design Industry Award
2015 Beijing Best Project Design Award First Prize

Jixi Museum

The design of the museum is based on a delicate research of the topography and history of Jixi, a hilly county located at the foot of Mt. Huangshan and famous for its vernacular settlements. A continuous canopy is occupied to cover the entire site. Its profile simulates the undulating feature of the surrounding hills and rivers. Various courts, patios and alleys are carved out within building to maintain the original trees of the site as much as possible. A three-dimensional touring route began with the entry is developed around the courts, steams and lanes to guide visitors to encounter the exhibition halls, undulating roofs and distant hills. 

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