Project > Beijing Focus Place


Location Financial Street, Beijing
Floor Area 119,303㎡
Design Time 2000
Completion Time 2002


2004 National Best Project Design Awards Sliver Prize
2003 Best Design Award of the Ministry of Construction Second Prize
2004 Architectural Society of China Creative Architecture Awards Best Work

Beijing Focus Place

Focus Place is the first ecological building in the Financial Street. The two office sections in the north and south enclose an atrium in the middle. Consisted of the ground floor lounge, hanging lounge, multi-function hall and the planted atrium, this building gets a various spatial effect. Through different approaches, such as the simple composition of the building parts, the modular curtain wall, the light gray color, the modest disposal in the corner and the favor to the old tree in the courtyard, this building expresses its respect to the urban environment and its concern for humanity.
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