Project > Beijing Zhongguancun Financial Center


Cooperated with KPF
Location Zhongguancun, Beijing
Floor Area 111,818㎡
Design Time 2002
Completion Time 2006
Height 158m


2008 Best Design Award of the Ministry of Construction Bronze Prize
2006 National Best Project Design Industry Awards Second Prize
2008 Tien-Yom Jeme Civil Engineering Prize

Beijing Zhongguancun Financial Center

Facing the central garden, the layout of the project is corresponding to the shape of the site and composed by a main office tower, an auxiliary building and an air corridor on the top of the central garden connecting the other two parts. The main tower is the highest building in Zhongguancun District. The plans and facades are all consisted with a series of curves. Therefore the vertical glass components on the curtain walls are arranged as the rhythms of flower petals and feathers expanded in the bird’s wings. This simplicity of appearance makes the tower erecting among those skyscrapers quietly but remarkably.

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