Project > Beijing Desheng Up-town


Location Xicheng District, Beijing
Floor Area 72,055㎡
Design Time 2004
Completion Time 2007


2008 National Best Project Design Awards Bronze Prize
2008 National Best Project Design Industry Awards Second Prize
2006 Architectural Society of China Creative Architecture Award Merit Work
2009 Architectural Society of China Grand Creation Award

Beijing Desheng Up-town

Desheng Shangcheng Office Buildings are located in the northwest of the ArrowTower, Desheng Men. The site is about 200 meters’ long, and 80 meters’ wide, and the height limit there is 18 meters. The buildings on the ground are separated into 7 individual office sections, which are connected by a diagonal street. Some new Hutong spaces are created between the buildings, and every building owns its particular court. All of these constitute a cluster of office buildings with both traditional character and high density.
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