Project > Yuehai Lijiang Garden


Location Chaoyang District, Beijing
Floor Area 320,000㎡
Design Time 2004
Completion Time 2008
Height 145m


2013 National Best Project Design Industry Award Third Prize
2012 Beijing Best Project Design Award Second Prize

Yuehai Lijiang Garden

Located in Zhujiang New City, Guangzhou, it comprises of high-rise and super high-rise apartments, a clubhouse and auxiliary facilities. The three buildings are rotated 45°anticlockwise facing southeast direction to maximize access to the view towards a large park in every apartment. Meanwhile the super high-rise buildings containing larger apartments are set in front of those buildings to provide the best view. Large luxury apartment is equipped with service balcony, servant room, laundry area, mini-garden, etc.. The lively vocabulary increase the sense of height, generating a remarkable image of the new district.
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