Project > Beijing Ideal World Little Universe


Location Haidian District, Beijing
Floor Area 77,800㎡
Design Time 2008
Completion Time 2011


2013 National Best Project Design Industry Award Frist Prize

Beijing Ideal World Little Universe

In the exploration of housing industrialization, the designers employed an advanced integration technique system of aggregated housing called SI (Skeleton Infill) System to solve the problems of Chinese housing buildings, such as the short life cycle, large energy consumption and the waste of second decoration. The integration technology systems includes the separation of decoration and pipe lines, separation wall system, internal insulation of external structure system, dry floor heating system, integrated kitchen and bathroom, integrated fresh air ventilation system, raising flooring system and integrated sound insulation system. All of the above methods enhance the comfortableness, durability and flexibility of aggregated housing with a large drop of energy consumption. 
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