Project > Shandong Broadcating & Television Center


Location Jinan, Shandong Province
Floor Area 144,287㎡
Design Time 2004
Completion Time 2008
Height 149m


2010 National Best Project Design Awards Silver Prize
2010 National Quality Award Luban Prize
2011 National Best Project Design Industry Awards Second Prize
2011 Beijing Best Project Design Award First Prize

Shandong Broadcating & Television Center

The project was not only destined for accommodate those extra complicate functions, but also resolve all the existing problems of the various structures, creating a seamless, state-of-the-art facility. On the narrow site, a series of solid slabs run horizontally and vertically, in contrast with the glass pavilions, define an intricate and impressive spatial system. The huge tubes are cantilevered extensively to gesture to the road and define the site a pivot on the main axis of the city. Clad with granite, the building was informed by the memory of huge mountains, an indigenous feature of Shandong. 
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