Project > Fujian Broadcasting & Television Center


Location Fuzhou, Fujian Province
Floor Area 135,132㎡
Design Time 1999
Completion Time 2011
Height 149m


2013 National Best Project Design Industry Award Third Prize
2012 Beijing Best Project Design Award Second Prize

Fujian Broadcasting & Television Center

Inspired by the sailing ships of the shipping tradition in Fuzhou, the complex occupies sail-shaped silhouettes for its television tower and broadcasting tower and juxtaposes them along the riverfront of Minjiang River, while on the north five studio halls are arrayed in size along a arc-shaped concourse. To achieve sophisticated acoustical effects, the programming parts are clad in limestone panels with few openings. Entering from the waterfront and passing the concourse and studio halls, the public visiting course ends up with the grand stairs on east without interference the professional circulation. 
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