Project > Jianchuan Mirror Museum & Earthquake Museum


Location Haidian District, Beijing
Floor Area 24,225m2
Design Time 2007
Completion Time 2009


2011 National Best Project Design Industry Awards Third Prize
2011 Architectural Society of China Creative Architecture Award Merit Work
2011 Beijing Best Project Design Award First Prize

Jianchuan Mirror Museum & Earthquake Museum

Based on the prototype of traditional commercial stores mixed with dwelling cases in old town of Anren, the project firstly satisfies the optimal business needs. The shops along the streets as the present condition constitute the stereoscopic museum base. The museum becomes the building in the garden and is subdivided into mirror museum and earthquake museum. Several  rotatable “Mirror-doors” are set in turn at the crosses of “duplicate gallery” in the museum, make the gallery a huge, complex, visional “periscope”-space to providing simulative experiencing device of Culture Revolution. Overlapped and with independent flows, the two museums represents the natural and man-made disasters in different manners.

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