Project > No.10/11 Building of Dalian Software Park


Location Dalian, Liaoning Province
Floor Area 15,974m2
Design Time 2002
Completion Time 2006


2008 National Best Project Design Industry Awards Second Prize
2007 Beijing Best Project Design Awards Second Prize

No.10/11 Building of Dalian Software Park

The No.10 and No.11 Buildings is located at the southwest and southeast side of DalianSoftwareParkentrance square respectively. The arc shapes of them not only respond to each other, but also present the centripetal relation between buildings and square which is a notable characteristic ofDalian. Each building is composed with three layers according to the distance between it and the square: the outer layer is solid arranged with open space office; the mid layer is semi-transparent housing corridors and stairs; the inner layer is transparent with a five-storey-height sharing space.

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